Waterproof Eye Liner

Waterproof Eye Liner KD 4.750


Subtle smokescreen or sultry siren? Whatever look you are trying to achieve, this pencil has you covered. The waterproof formula makes it essential wear for emotional welcomes and teary goodbyes.

  • Non-traditional Creamy formula
  • Waterproof
  • 24-hour wear

 How to Use

  1. Start out with our Eye & Lip Primer.
  2. Draw small dots along your lashes directly above your upper lash line. Keeping as tight to the base of your eyelid as you can.  
  3. Join the dots using short, linear strokes to create an even line.
  4. Taper the lines at the outer corners slightly to avoid a rounded dot at the corner of your eye. This will shorten rather than elongate the appearance of the eye.
  5. Draw along the lower eyelid starting from inside the eye all the way out.


Waterproof Eye Liner