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Lashes for days! Elevate those lashes to new heights! This high viscosity, ultra – volumizing mascara delivers instant dimension for epic lashes. Perfect for creating a high – volume effect without ant smudging or clumping, the extra-black texture will ensure your lashes never go unnoticed. Tea free.

Whip eyebrows into shape, and give the illusion of thicker brows in an instant. This brow gel is your secret weapon for sculpting the perfect brow. The strong sealant acts like a stronghold hairspray for your brows, and the lustrous texture enhances shape and shine.

  • Faultless finish
  • Available in clear
  • 3 color options

How to Use

  1. Choose gel according to your brow density: If your eyebrows are particularly sparse, opt for one of our tinted gels to help fill in the gaps.
  2. Use gel on its own for a clean, fresh look or over our brow booster or pencil to bring your whole look together.
  3.  Before applying, wipe off any excess gel using the lid.
  4. Start brushing the gel across the inner brow, and move outwards, working with the grain of the hair. Hot Tip: Wiggle brush back and forth over the tiny hairs above your brow to create the illusion of length and fullness.

Subtle smokescreen or sultry siren? Whatever look you are trying to achieve, this pencil has you covered. The waterproof formula makes it essential wear for emotional welcomes and teary goodbyes.

  • Non-traditional Creamy formula
  • Waterproof
  • 24-hour wear

 How to Use

  1. Start out with our Eye & Lip Primer.
  2. Draw small dots along your lashes directly above your upper lash line. Keeping as tight to the base of your eyelid as you can.  
  3. Join the dots using short, linear strokes to create an even line.
  4. Taper the lines at the outer corners slightly to avoid a rounded dot at the corner of your eye. This will shorten rather than elongate the appearance of the eye.
  5. Draw along the lower eyelid starting from inside the eye all the way out.

Our robust matte effect lip crayon combines the precision of a pencil with the smooth application of a lipstick. Loaded with lavish pigments for vivid color, and fortified with soft emollients for a silky smooth texture, lips are invigorated with moisture while retaining a cool matte finish all day long. Use as a liner, a complete lip color, or as a base to blend and experiment with other shades.

The final stroke on your canvas, this traditional blush gives your face a fabulous flush. It is Ideal for creating contours that give shape to your face and the rich pigment means one application will carry you from morning to night.

  • Blends effortlessly
  • Great for oily/Combination skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Soft, Natural finish