XOXO KD 17.800


Treat yourself this Valentine's Day!

This package consist of:

  • L02- MAE- Faux Human Hair Lashes
  • NSQ1- Square-5th Avenue
  • LM12- Lipsilk Matte - 'A'
  • I6- Illumina Hd - ARUSTICRAT

Faux Human Hair Lashes:

3D Layered high-quality faux humanhair lashes with tapered endsfor a natural look. Easy to apply with a comfortable band for all day wearing. Band is designed to blend with natural lashes. Reusable> 20 Times  Made from environment-friendly synthetic fibers.  Does not clump or knot. Cruelty-Free.

Square-5th Avenue:

High - quality nails for fashionable fingertips . Our patented press - on nails are waterproof , durable , flexible and re - usable . Easy to apply and lasts up to 7 days . Lightweight , natural and comfortable to wear . Ultra - shiny and fade - resistant . Includes tool kit and 2 sets of glue - ons

Lipsilk Matte:

Our robust matte effect lip crayon combines the precision of a pencil with the smooth application of a lipstick. Loaded with lavish pigments for vivid color, and fortified with soft emollients for a silky smooth texture, lips are invigorated with moisture while retaining a cool matte finish all day long. Use as a liner, a complete lip color, or as a base to blend and experiment with other shades.

Illumina Hd:

Indulge in a master class of color, with high-definition bold powder paints daring to be discovered. Worried about the potential mess? Don’t be. With a built-in sifter, the contents are not going to burst out of the container as soon as you open the lid. If you haven’t used loose powder before, don’t be afraid to try it. Follow our ‘How to Use’ guide below and see how simple it really is. Experiment with different colors to create a palette of endless possibilities.

  • 3D Reflective Rich Pigments