Illumina HD

Illumina HD KD 5.250


Indulge in a master class of color, with high-definition bold powder paints daring to be discovered. Worried about the potential mess? Don’t be. With a built-in sifter, the contents are not going to burst out of the container as soon as you open the lid. If you haven’t used loose powder before, don’t be afraid to try it. Follow our ‘How to Use’ guide below and see how simple it really is. Experiment with different colors to create a palette of endless possibilities.

  • 3D Reflective Rich Pigments

How to Use

  1. Probably one of the most common mistakes people make when applying loose eyeshadow is failing to apply eyeshadow primer. You bought HD paints, not watercolors, so create a base that is going to make the pigment pop. Our Eye & Lip Primer provides a sticky surface for the powder to grab onto and creates a crease-free finish.
  2. Dip your eyeshadow brush into a little powder. There should be enough on the lid or on the sifter to work with.
  3. Pat the brush over the eyelid, building up as much color as you wish.  Wait a few seconds to dry before blending.
  4. Apply a tiny bit more powder to the tip of a blending brush and gently soften out the edges.
  5. Work as a mono-shade or layer with different shades for an alternative look.


Illumina  HD