Triple Lippies Promo (TLP)

Triple Lippies Promo (TLP) KD 18.900


Our robust matte effect lip crayon combines the precision of a pencil with the smooth application of a lipstick. Loaded with lavish pigments for vivid color, and fortified with soft emollients for a silky smooth texture, lips are invigorated with moisture while retaining a cool matte finish all day long. Use as a liner, a complete lip color, or as a base to blend and experiment with other shades.

Set includes:

  1. Lipsilk Matte - Sweet Dream - LM14
  2. Lipsilk Matte - Pinkrylic - LM15
  3. Lipsilk Matte - Pure Allure - LM23


Triple Lippies Promo (TLP)