Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss KD 4.750


A high-shine lip gloss is your gateway to luscious lips in an instant. Hot magnetic shades have been carefully selected for a fierce, feminine finish. The shimmer effect gives your smile a glow that radiates from every corner of the room.

  • Color Pop
  • Dewy Texture
  • Maximum Shine
  • Non-stick formula

How to use

  1. Applying lip gloss correctly is nothing short of artistry. Start by exfoliating your lips to remove flaked skin. Hot Tip: A wet toothbrush is an effective tool used by beauty insiders.
  2. Neutralize lips with our Eye & Lip Primer to allow the color to really shine through.
  3. While it can absolutely be used on its own, the gloss is strengthened by applying a lipstick base. Choose one of our Matte or Crème Lipsticks in the same shade to enhance the color and optimize endurance.
  4. To keep that crystal shine, do not blot after application.


Lip Gloss