Concealer Crayon

Concealer Crayon KD 4.750


A lifeline in times of crisis, our concealer crayon skilfully disguises imperfections to allow your confidence to shine through. 24-hour wear means you never have to worry about dark circles and blemishes making an unwelcome re-appearance. Comes in 2 tones, and the large, blunt tip and creamy texture means maximum coverage with minimal pressure.

  • 24-hour wear
  • Creamy texture
  • Full coverage
  • Available in 2 tones

How to Use

  1. Choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone for under eye area. This will brighten the skin and make dark circles disappear.
  2. Dot the crayon onto blemishes and spots using a shade that matches your natural skin tone.
  3. Blend outwards with our Conceal Brush EX5 or fingertips.


Concealer Crayon