Brow Ink

Brow Ink KD 6


Not all of us are endowed with the power brows of Lily Collins or Cara Delevigne, but who says we can’t fake it ‘til we make it? This is an eyebrow product that does just that, acting like a temporary tattoo to fill in what we lack in the brow department.

  • ‘Tint’ulating results.
  • High Definition Finish
  • Lasts and Lasts…and then lasts a little longer
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Waterproof/Smudge-proof
  • Sharp precision

How to Use

  1. Clean brows and brush into position.
  2. Draw onto the brows, using the ink as you would a paintbrush, to create the illusion of the brows you’ve always wanted.
  3. Start with an outline, using a steady, focused hand to ensure fine precision.
  4. Fill in patchy areas, being careful not to step outside the perimeters you’ve made.
  5. Leave to dry for a few seconds.


Brow Ink