Individual Eyelashes

Individual Eyelashes KD 3.700


Take your eyes to silver screen status with lashes that make you look and feel like a movie star. Our range of premium, real hair eyelashes come in strips and singles so you can choose the level of drama you want to achieve. Our lashes are imported from Indonesia, home of the world’s best eyelashes. Each one is named after a timeless Hollywood beauty. Choose your Legend and channel their style with eyelashes fit for an icon.

How to Use

  1. Trim the lashes at the sides to make them the perfect fit for your eyes if they aren’t already.
  2. Apply a little lash glue to the back of your hand and run the strip of the eyelash across it. Allow glue to dry for a few seconds before transferring to your lashes.
  3. Position strip as close as physically possibly to your natural lash line.
  4. Wait for glue to dry naturally without pressing it in or holding the lashes down.
  5. We recommend applying our Lash Xtreme or GlamDoll Mascara to achieve a glam appearance.
  6. Fill in any gaps by applying our Luxe Liquid Eyeliner to your upper eyelids.
  7. To Remove: Use our heavy duty Makeup Remover with Rose Extracts by tipping a small amount into a Q-tip and gently dragging it along the lash line. Allow it to sit before ever so softly pulling off the strip.


Individual Eyelashes